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AAHAS (Aut) "When Cold Winds Are Calling Me"  4 € Black Metal
ABANDON (Eng) "Never-ending Black Torrent Of Death"    
ABORIORTH (Spa) "The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothinguess" (With button)  5 €  
ABYME (Fra) "Abyssic Legion"    
AD HOMINEM (FRA) “A New Race For A New World ”   Black Metal
AD INFEROS (Nor) "Bloodlust [Devil's Dance]"     Black Metal
AD NOCTEM FUNERIIS (Ita) "... Of Evil And Torment "    
ADYTUM (Uk) "Ancient Ceremonies of Obscure Mutations / At the Sacred Altar" 5 € Black Metal
ADYTUM (Uk) "Procession of Dead Souls / Ornaments of Clandestine Rituals" 5 € Black Metal
AESIR (Arg) "Runatal"    
AETHERES (Pol) "Dark Wisdom's Domain"    
AGE OF AGONY (Hun) "Death Metal Artillery"   Death Metal
AGMEN (Cz) "Tartarus"     Black Metal
AGONIA (Prt) "O Desvaneçer" War Productions Release 5 € Doom
AGONIA (Prt) "O Eterno Adormecer"  War Productions Release 5 € Doom
ALEPH NAUGHT (Fra) "Rituals"    
ALGOL (Usa) "Gorgonus Aura"      
ALLEGIANCE (Fra) "As the Entity Did Rise" 4 € Black Metal
ANGELGOAT (Srb) "U Slavu Satane"   Black Metal
ANGST (Swe) "Divine Wrath"   Black Metal
ANIMUS HERILIS (Fra) "Mater Tenebrarum" (Drakkar Productions)   Black Metal
ANIMUS HERILIS (Fra) "Mater Tenebrarum" (Reedtion with 1 Bonus Track)   Black Metal
ANNO DOMINI MORTUS (Nzl) "Anno Domini Mortus"    
ANTIKRTIIST (Can) "Goat Fucking Ritual"    
APRAXIA (Blr) "Ideologia"   Black Metal
AQUILA (Fra) "Les larmes de l'aigle"   Black Metal
ARA (Prt) "Arcaica" War Productions Release   Black Metal
ARCHAEOS (Grc) "Forgotten Art Of Sacrifice" War Productions Release 5 € Black Metal
ARGHOSLENT (Usa) "Hornets of the Pogrom"   Death Metal
ARMA CHRISTI (Pol) "Egocentric Oblivion"   Black Death Metal
ARMA CHRISTI (Pol) "R.I.P."   Black Death Metal
ARMAGGEDON (Fra) "The Wrath Of The Black Empire"      
ARTHEDAIN ((Int) "Arias Exalted" (Orange tape)  5 €  
ARTIFACT OF SKULLS (Usa) "III: Luciferian Blasphemy"   Black Death Metal
ARYANAS (Can) "Volkskrieg"     
ARYOS (Fra) "Maître des Dominations Cérébrales"    
ASCHE DER WELTEN (Ger) "Ascheregen"  5 €  
ASCHE DER WELTEN (Ger) "Brennende Atmosphäre"  5 €  
ASHTORETH INCESTI (Ita) "Hypnagogic Hallucinations"    
ASKEREGN (Ger) "Demo 2010"    
ASTROFAES (Ukr) "…Those Whose Past Is Immortal" (Ukrania edition)    
ASTROFAES (Ukr) "Idea. Form. Essence"    
ASTROFAES (Ukr) "The Attraction: Heavens And Earth"    
ATHANOR (Ita) "Triumph Of The Dark Power"    
ATHEIST (Usa) "Live in Budapest 1993"  4 € Death Metal
ATOMTRAKT (Ger) “Verwustung”    Industrial
ATRA MORS (Eng) "Cloaked in Shadow" 4 € Black Metal
ATROPOS (Fra) "Creature Chthonienne"      
ATTENTAT (Nor) "Alt Kan Brenne"    
AUDN (Ice) "Audn"  4 € Atmospheric Black Metal
AVERSIO HUMANITATIS (Spa) "Abandonment Ritual"    
AVULSED (Spa) "Yearning For the Grotesque"   Death Metal
BAALSHAMIN (Swi) "Fuck The New World Order"    
BALFOR (Ukr) "Volki Severa"      
BELETH (Pol) "Total Satanic Onslaught"   Black Metal
BELZEBUL (Fra) " Demo 1999"    
BESATT (Pol) “Hail Lucifer”    
BESATT (Pol) “In Nomine Satanas”    
BESTIAL (Rus) "Satanic Metal"      
BETHOR (Grc) "Collapsing Generation of Luciferian Infant Legions" 5 € Black Metal
BITTENCROSS (Spa) "In Honour…"    
BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) "A Bright Future"   Black Death Metal
BLACK CANDLE (Lux) "Lead Me To The Tombs"    
BLACK CANDLE (Lux) "Nightfire"    
BLACK CANDLE (Lux) "The Faceless Angel"    
BLACK NECROMANCER'S PATH (Ser) "Funebres Tenebras"   Dark Ambient
BLASPHEMIA PROPHETICA (Pol) "Antichristian Reconquest"   Black Metal
BLASPHEMOUS (Pol) “Ripping Alive Christ“       
BLASPHEMOUS VOMIT (Ger) "Scum Black Metal"    
BLEEDING FIST (Slo) "Devil's Ferox" War Productions Release   BM
BLEEDING FIST (Slo) "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" War Productions Release   BM
BLODFEST (den) "Lejres fald" 5 € Black Metal
BLODULV (Swe) “III / Burial”    
BLOOD STAINED DUSK (Usa) "Continuance Of Evil"      
BLOODY SIGN (Fra) "Explosion Of Elements"    
BOREAL WIND (Rus/Usa) "Ultima Thule" (Project of На Распутье (Na Rasputje) and Lascowiec members)    
BORKNAGAR (Nor) "Urd" 5 € Black Metal
BOSSE (USA) "Demo 3"    
BRANIKALD (Rus) "Blikk Av Kald"   Black Metal
BRIARGH (Spa) "Ebro"    
CAMLANN (USA) "Heaven's Feel"    
CARCHAROTH (Spa) “My FaTher Was A Wolf”    
CATERVA RUNA (Fra) "Europa Nostra" 4 € Black Metal
CAVATICUS (Fra) "Amentia - Daemoniüm Inattaminatis Live"    
CAVE DWELLER (Eng) "Chaos Part I: The Night Mare" 4 € Black Death Doom Metal
CELEPHAIS (Cro) "Nest Of All Plagues"    
CELESTIA (Fra) “Delhÿs-Cätess”     Black Metal
CELTIC DANCE (Prt) "Ancient Battlecry"     Black Metal
CELTIC DANCE (Prt) "Ancient Battlecry" [Second Edition]   Black Metal
CHALICE OF SUFFERING (Usa) "For You I Die" War Productions release 5 € Funeral Doom
CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Rus) "Behead Before Interment" 5 € Death Metal
CHAMBER OF TORTURE (rus) "Entorturement" 5 € Death Metal
CHAOTIC SYMMETRY (Grc) "Apo thn Abysso ths mavrhs mou psyxhs"   Black Metal
CHRISTIAN KILLER (USA) "Diabolical Satanic WarcommAnd"    
CHRWORSCH (Ger) "Ein Totenspruch zur viehischen Begattung" 5 € Black Death Doom Metal
CHUR (Чур) (Ukr) "Lykho" (Лихо)    
CIEN (Pol) "Ecce Homo"   Black Metal
CLAWS (Fin) "Absorbed in The NeThervoid"    
COLD EMPIRE (Ita) "From the Ashes of the Empire"    
CONCUBIA NOCTE (Svk) "Vlcou krvou"   Black Metal
CONTAMINO (Swe) "Mother Nature Gased" 5 € Black Metal
CRAVEN IDOL (Eng) "Ethereal Altars" 4 € Black Thrash Metal
CRIPTA OCULTA (Prt) "Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos"   Black Metal
CRYFEMAL (Spa) "Escucha…La Muerte Persigue!" War Productions Release   Black Metal
CRYFEMAL (Spa) "Increibles Tormentos"   Black Metal
CRYFEMAL (Spa) "Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto"   Black Metal
CRYSTALINE DARKNESS (Prt) "Melancólica Nostalgia"   Black Metal
CULTO MACABRO (Prt) "Anjo Demente: A Eterna Jornada ao Abysmo" 5 € Black Metal
CULTUS (Hol) "A Seat In Valhalla"   Black Metal
CULTUS (Hol) "Hymns Of Descending"   Black Metal
CULTUS (Hol) "Our Swords We Raise, Our Gods We Praise!"   Black Metal
CULTUS (Hol) "Promo 2007"   Black Metal
CURSED SCROLLS (Spa) "Dunkel Hexenkunst"   Raw Black Metal
CZARNA TRUMNA (Pol) "WHaunted Crypt's Miasma" 5 € Black Metal
D.O.R. (Prt) "The Essence Of Self-Destruction"    
DAEMONLORD (Spa) "Of War And Hate"  5 €  
DAEMONLORD (Spa) "The End Of The Era"    
DAEMONOLITH (Uk) "By Order Of Decimation"    
DAIMONION (Prt) "Unknown Powers Obscure"   Black Metal
DARK AGES (Ukr) "Twilight Of Europe"   Dark Ambient
DARK FURY (Pol) "Fortress Of Eagles"   Black Metal
DARK FURY (Pol) "Synningthwait"   Black Metal
DARK FURY (Pol) "The Price Of Treason"   Black Metal
DAWN OF DIVISION (Grc) "Awaiting The Dawn"    
DAWN OF DIVISION (Grc) "Outrage Of Desolation"    
DE PROFUNDIS (Hun) "This Winter in my Heart"   Black Metal
DEADBIRTH (Aus) "Freaks" 5 € Death Metal
DEATHROW (Ita) "The Beginning Of The End"    
DEATHROW (Ita) "The Cold Engine Of Darkness"    
DECAYED (Prt) "Blasphemic Offerings - The Singles 1993 - 2011"    
DECAYED (Prt) "Chaos Underground" War Productions Release   Black Metal
DECAYED (Prt) "Into the Depths of Hell" War Productions Release  5 € Black Metal
DECAYED (Prt) "Resurrectiónem Mortuórum"    
DECAYED (Prt) "The Ancient Brethren"    
DECAYED (Prt) "The Beast Has Risen"    
DECAYED (Prt) "The Book of Darkness"    
DEFUNTOS (Prt) "Vidas Vazias... Almas Perdidas..." War Productions Release 5 € Black Doom Metal
DEMIURG (Pol) "From The Throne Of Darkness"    
DEMIURG (Pol) "Królestwo Mrocznego Lasu"    
DEMIURG (Pol) "Unholy War"    
DEMOGORGON (Ger) "Nänie"    
DEMON REALM (Den) "...Of Chaos Damnation And War"    
DENIAL Of GOD (Dnk) "The Ghouls Of Dog"    
DERANGER (Brl) "Broken Heaven"    
DEUS IGNOTUS (Grc) "Hexapterygon" 5 € Death Black Metal
DEVASTATOR (USA) "Conjuring Evil" War Productions Release   Black Thrash Metal
DEVASTATOR (USA) "Nuclear Proliferation" War Productions Release   Black Thrash Metal
DEVILISH ERA (Fra) "The Deiphobic Syndrome"    
DEVOURING STAR (Fin) "Through Lung And Heart" 5 € Black Death Metal
DHAUBGURZ (Spa) "Forest Of Souls"    
DISAKRIN (Fra) "Renaissance"    
DIVINE BLASPHEMY (Grc) "Plague of Death"  4 €  
DIZZINESS (Gre) "Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur" War Productions Release   Black Metal
DODENSTORM (Nld) "Verdoemd door Tijd en Wanhoop"    
DOM DRACUL (Swe) "Genocide In The Name Of Satan"    
DOMINI INFERI (Nld) "In Nomine Domini Inferi"    
DRAGON KISS (Prt) "Somewhere Up In The Mountains" (includes new artwork, A4 Poster, a MiniDVD featuring two brand new songs, videoclips, and a download code for HQ audio files) 10€ - War Productions Release 10 €  
DROOMSTYYG (USA) "Vast Unknown Darkness"    
DROSS DELNOCH  (Ukr) "Demo I"   Black Metal
DRUNEMETON (Rus) "Fullmoon Asbath"  4 € Black Metal
DUCH CZERNI (Pol) "Reality of Black Spirits" War Productions Release 5 € Black Metal
DUNKELHEIT (Hun) "Eternal Curse of the Carpathians"   Black Metal
EIHWAZ (Fra) "Le Reflet de l'Homme"    
EINSAMTOD (Svk) "Grey Days"    
ELDERWIND (Rus) "Волшебство живой природы (The Magic of Nature)"    
ELITISM (Fra) "L'odeur des déportés"   Black Metal
EMERALD NIGHT (Rus) "From Blackthorn To The Stars"    
EMIT (Gbr) "A Sword Of Death For The Prince"    
EMIT (Gbr) "The Dark Bleeding"    
EMPTY (Spa) "Eternal Cycle of Decay"   Black Metal
EMPTY (Spa) "The Last Breath of my Mortal Despair"   Black Metal
ENTARTUNG (Ger) "Peccata Mortalia" 4 € Black Metal
EVIL DEAD (Svk) "Fall Of Seraphs"    
EVIL INCARNATE (USA) "Blackest Hymns Of God's Disgrace"    
EVIL MELANCHOLY (Aut) "Black Feelings"  4 € Black Metal
EWIGEIS (Ger) "Abgrund"  4 €  
EWIGEIS (Ger) "Daupuz"  4 €  
EXCESSUM (Swe) "Death Redemption"    
EXETHERIS (Grc) "Sick And Decadent Feelings"    
EXORIAL (Ger) "Reflektionen auf Leben und Tod"    
EXSEQUOR (Uk) "For the Fallen" (Yellow tape) 5 € Atmospheric Black Metal