AGONIA (Por) “O Desvaneçer”
AGONIA (Por) “O Eterno Adormecer”
ARA (Por) “Arcaica”
ARCHAEOS (Grc) “Forgotten Art Of Sacrifice”
BLEEDING FIST (Slo) “Devil’s Ferox”
BLEEDING FIST (Slo) “Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus”
CRYFEMAL (Spa) “Escucha…La Muerte Persigue!”
DARKSTORM (Pol) “Voices From the Vast Void” (50 white tapes + 50 black tapes)
DECAYED (Por) “Chaos Underground”
DECAYED (Por) “Into the Depths of Hell”
DEVASTATOR (USA) “Conjuring Evil”
DIZZINESS (Gre) “Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur”
DUCH CZERNI (Pol) “Reality of Black Spirits”
EZOV (Swe) “Non Plus Ultra”
FESTERING (Por) “From The Grave”
KRV (Bih) “Ograma”
KRV (Bih) “Ponor”
LEDA SPIRIDON (Fra) “An Erratic Crussade”
LUCIFERA (Col) “Sed de Venganza” (Both versions available, Special version includes obi + button)
LUX FERRE (Por) “Excaecatio Lux Veritatis” (It is boxed in a black card “brad pak” with a hand painted sigil and features a double sided foldable 20x20cm black and white insert with lyrics in the Portuguese language)
MALLEUS (Por) “The Pocreation Of Sin”
MOONTOWER (Pol) “Darkness… Glory to Hatred”
MORTE NOIRE (Hol) “In Nomine Tenebrae”
NOCHE ETERNA (Ecu) “Reino de Guerra y Muerte”
OMISSION (Spa) “Pioneers Of The Storm”
OMISSION (Spa) “Thrash Metal Is Violence”
PESTIFERIUM (Por) “In Honour Of Evil And Ancient Pride”
RISE OF MALICE (Grc) “Rise Of Malice”
SEKHMET (Cze) “Masová Ocista Cloveka”
SONN AV SKOGEN (Fra) “Sehnsucht Nach Der Vergangenheit”
SPLIT – BLACK WINTER (Grc) / THE ETERNAL DARKNESS (Grc) “Craving for The Ebon Masquerade”
SPLIT – DIZZINESS (Grc) / LYKAUGES (Grc) “At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm”
THE FROST (Cro) “…Of The Forest Unknown”
TUNDRA (Ita) “Primordial”
TZELMOTH (Col) “Arcano Lucifer”
VERGOS DI NOCTIS (Fra) “Vorsegus”
VRANOROD (Ser) “From The Winter So Close”
ZEPHYRUS (Por) “The Domains…”


AVLID (Swe) “Ond Bråd Död” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
BLACK SHROUD (Usa) “Death Culture” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
DEKIRA (Usa) “Ominous Prophecies” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)

DEVILTOOK (Spa) “At War With Gods”
DOMMEDAG (Nor/Swe) “Marbug” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
ETERNAL ABYSS (Par) “Doomed to Eternal Abyss”
EZOV (Swe) “Cui Peccare Licet Peccat Minus” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
FESTERING (Por) “From the Grave” (Includes extra songs)
FROST LEGION (Por) “Death Of Mankind”
GRIEVANCE (Por) “Pilar, Pedra e Faca”
LEDA SPIRIDON (Fra) “Edfell – A Dark Summer Of Light” (Limited to 100 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
LIVLØST (Nor) “Bråtebu” (Limited to 100 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
MORTUUS CAELUM (Gre) “Ad Libertatem Per Mortem”
MYSTHERIUM (Pol) “Zemsta Natury (Revenge of Nature)”
NOX ILLUNIS (Ita) “Metempsychosis” (6 panel digipack with different color)
NOX ILLUNIS (Ita) “Metempsychosis”
SPLIT – DARKNESS (Ita) / OLTRETOMBA (Ita) “Horned, Winged and Grim”

SPLIT – HAK-ED DAMM (Can) / BLACKHORNED (Dnk) “Execrated”
SPLIT – STORMSTONE (Spa) “A Prophecy to Come”/ VANTH (Spa) “Chalice of the Faithless”
SPLIT – WAROATH (Pol) / CZARNA TRUMNA (Pol) / CTHULHU RITES (Pol) “Black Oath Rites”
SVIPDAGR (Spa) “To Torment the Men”
THY BLACK BLOOD (Por) “The Rise of the Misanthrope” (Limited to 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
TYHJÄ (Fin) “Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta” (Limitedto 200 copies – 4 Panel Digipack)
UNDERSAVE (Por) “Now…Submit Your Flesh To The Master’s Imagination”
WOLFHOWL (Gre) “The Purity Of Mother Nature”



DEVILTOOK (Spa) “At War With Gods” (Includes insert with lyrics and A3 poster)
GRIEVANCE (Por) “Em Lucefécit” (Includes A4 (offset) size with lyrics + A3 (Offset) poster)
GRIEVANCE (Por) “Em Lucefécit” Die Hard #1: 33 copies (Includes A4 (offset) size with lyrics + A3 (Offset) poster + Button + Embroidery Patch + Owner Card + Pro tape (Concert recorded on 26.01.19) (11 green tapes, 11 red tapes (SOLD OUT), 11 yellow tapes)
GRIEVANCE (Por) “Em Lucefécit” Die Hard #2: 17 copies (Includes A4 (offset) size with lyrics + A3 (Offset) poster + Pro tape (Concert recorded on 26.01.19) (17 white tapes)
SEKHMET (Cz) “Spiritual Eclipse”
SVARTGREN (Ser) “Prazan grob”