Apocalyptic Leaders – Call From The Beyond (Includes owner certificate)
Apocalyptic Leaders – Curse Of The Eye (Includes owner certificate)
Apocalyptic Leaders – Eternity (Includes owner certificate)
Apocalyptic Leaders – Theory Of Death
Apocalyptic Leaders – Warriors In The land Of Doom (Includes owner certificate)
Archaeos – Forgotten Art Of Sacrifice
Balor – Melancholic Despair (Includes owner certificate)
Black Winter / The Eternal Darkness – Craving For The Ebon Masquerade
Bleeding Fist – Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus
Chalice Of Suffering – For You I Die
Darkstorm – Voices From The Vast Void
Dizziness – Evocation Of Ancestral Grandeur
Dizziness / Lykauges – At The Whirlwind Of Our Storm
Drugoth – Legions Of The Graet Eye (Includes owner certificate)
Duch Czerni – Reality Of Black Spirits
Ezov – Non Plus Ultra
Festering – From The Grave
Fuck The Facts / Ultrapodre – She’s Hot!
Fyrgast – As Darkness Swept the Lands
Fyrgast – Echoes from the Past
Kruzifix / Crawling – Descent into Unpure Souls (Includes owner certificate)
Krv – Ograma
Krv – Ponor
Leda Spiridon – An Erratic Crussade
Lucifera – Sed De Venganza (Special Edition Includes Obi + Button)
Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis (It Is Boxed In A Black Card “Brad Pak” With A Hand Painted Sigil And Features A Double Sided Foldable 20x20cm Black And White Insert With Lyrics In The Portuguese Language)
Moontower – Darkness… Glory To Hatred
Morte Noire – In Nomine Tenebrae
Noche Eterna – Reino De Guerra Y Muerte
Omission – Thrash Metal Is Violence
Posmrtna Liturgija – Vama Marg
Primordial Serpent – Adversary of God (Includes owner certificate)
Pyromancy – From The Source (Includes owner certificate)
Rise Of Malice – Rise Of Malice
Schavot – Kronieken Uit de Nevel
Sønn Av Skogen – Sehnsucht Nach Der Vergangenheit
Tumulus Anmatus – Demo MMVII
Tundra – Primordial
Tzelmoth – Arcano Lucifer
Vergos Dî Noctis – Vosegus
Vermisst – Damned Temples Spirits (Includes owner certificate)
Vermisst – Orszak zimowych mar (Includes owner certificate)
Vranorod – From The Winter So Close
Vultur – Vulture’s Beak

Adversarius – In Nomine Draconis Inferi
Alastor – …The Dark Tower…
Alastor – Demon Attack
Arsonists Of Lucifer – Total Destruction / Depths of Evil
Avlid – Ond Bråd Död
Black Shroud – Death Culture
Cult Of Self Destruction – Exitium
Darkness / Oltretomba – Horned, Winged And Grim
Dekira – Ominous Prophecies
Deviltook – At War With Gods
Dommedag – Marbug
Duindwaler – In het heemskerks duin (#PreOrder)
Eternal Abyss – Doomed To Eternal Abyss
Ezov – Cui Peccare Licet Peccat Minus
Festering – From The Grave
Grievance – Nos Olhos Da Coruja
Grievance – Pilar, Pedra E Faca
Grimtone – Polaris
Leda Spiridon – Edfell – A Dark Summer Of Light
Levendleed – Algehele Malaise
Livløst – Bråtebu
Mortuus Caelum – Ad Libertatem Per Mortem
Mystherium – Zemsta Natury (Revenge Of Nature)
Nox Illunis – Metempsychosis
Nox Illunis – Metempsychosis
Obšar – Počornily Horŷ, Počornily Lisŷ
Sattyg – Legends Part I
Sattyg – Legends Part II
Schavot – Galgenbrok (Second Press on Jewelcase)
Schavot – Kronieken Uit de Nevel
Stormstone – A Prophecy To Come / Vanth – Chalice Of The Faithless
Stuporous – Asylum’s Lament
Svipdagr – To Torment The Men
Thy Black Blood / Grievance – Unspeakable Acts & Occult Encryptions
Thymata – Embraced by Death
Tyhjä – Tästä Kuolevasta Maailmasta
V.A – Spreading The Underground
Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites – Black Oath Rites
Wolfhowl – The Purity Of Mother Nature
Wormgod – Where Did curses Rest

Deviltook – At War With Gods
Grafhond – In harmonie met de dood – Black Edition
Grafhond – In harmonie met de dood – Clear Black Edition
Grafhond – In harmonie met de dood – Clear Orange Edition
Grievance – Em Lucefécit – Normal edition
Grievance – Em Lucefécit – Die Hard #1
Grievance – Em Lucefécit – Die Hard #2
Sekhmet – Spiritual Eclipse
Levendleed / Obskvvr – Split
Offret – The Eclipse – Marble Edition
Offret – The Eclipse – Splattee Edition
Svartgren – Prazan Grob